How to cook cereals?

Ksenia Gaynulina
Ksenia Gaynulina
September 8, 2014
How to cook cereals?

Kashi make up a large proportion of the human diet. After all, cereal is an important food product since ancient times. Cereals contain amino acids, vitamins, and carbohydrates, which are so necessary for man. Consider how you can cook different types of cereals.

Tips on how to cook cereals

Before you start cooking porridge, remember that when cooking all the cereals increase in size. Different grains are cooked differently, so you always need to know the exact amount you need to get at the end.

Usually cereals increase in size by 3-4 times. But, for example, you will get semolina about 5 times more than you fall asleep, and white long-grain rice increases by 2-3 times.

Be sure to wash the cereal before cooking. Rinse until water is clear. Some grains need to be sorted out, as they contain small litter. But top grade cereals are usually clean.

How to cook wheat cereal

There are two types of wheat cereals: Artek and Poltava.Artek finely ground, Poltava - larger, and sometimes even consists of whole grains.

We will tell you how to cook wheat porridge. It is enough just to boil it in milk or water. If desired, you can add the sauce or make a fry with carrots and onions.

Wheat porridge with mushrooms

For 1 glass of cereal, 2 incomplete glasses of broth, 150 g of mushrooms, 1 onion head are taken.

First you need to boil the mushrooms - dried, canned or fresh. Mushrooms, champignons or porcini will suit your taste. Cut onions and fry in a skillet. Boil the cereal in mushroom broth - 15-20 minutes, do not forget to salt it. Drain the broth, add the finished onions and mushrooms, butter. Set on the table, sprinkled with herbs.

How to cook corn grits

Like other cereals, corn grits can be cooked simply on water or milk - it turns out well. But porridge turns out to be tastier if you add additional ingredients to it.

Sweet Corn Porridge

We will need 1 cup of cereal, 3.5 cups of milk, a banana and condensed milk. Add salt and sugar to taste. Put boil porridge with milk for 30-35 minutes. After a set time, turn off the fire. Add 1 banana and condensed milk to taste.Leave to infuse for 15 minutes. Done, you can serve.

Corn porridge goes well with steamed pumpkin, as well as with onion, carrot and pepper zazharki.

Cereals are widely used in cooking.

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