How to Convert Numbers to Excel

How to Convert .Numbers to .Xls

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1. Open theNumberssection on the iCloud website.
2. Upload your Numbers document if necessary, then open it.
3. Click the wrench icon.
4. ClickDownload a Copy.
5. ClickExcel.

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Using iCloud

  1. Go to in a web browser.You can access your iCloud account on any modern browser, including Opera and Internet Explorer.
  2. Enter your Apple ID email address and password.These are the credentials you'll use to sign into the App Store.
  3. Click Numbers.It's a green app with white bars on it.
  4. Open your Numbers document.If it's in iCloud, it will appear on the Numbers page.
    • If you have to upload the document from your desktop: click the green gear icon, clickUpload a Spreadsheet, and select your Numbers document.
  5. Click the wrench icon.It's in the top-right side of the document's page.
  6. ClickDownload a Copy.This is the top option in the drop-down menu.
  7. ClickExcel.It's on the right side of the Download a Copy window. Doing so will prompt a .xls version of the Numbers file to download onto your computer.

On Mac

  1. Make sure your Numbers document is open.You should see the "Numbers" heading in the top-left corner of the Mac menu bar.
  2. Click .It's in the top-left area of your Mac's screen. Doing so will invoke a drop-down menu.
  3. SelectExport To.This option is near the middle of theFiledrop-down menu. Selecting it invokes a pop-out menu.
  4. ClickExcel.It's in theExport Topop-out menu.
  5. Click .It's in the bottom-right corner of the "Export Your Spreadsheet" window.
  6. Enter a name for your file.This is how your file will appear in both Numbers and Excel.
  7. Select a save location.You'll do so by clicking a folder (e.g., "Desktop").
  8. ClickExport.It's in the bottom-right corner of the window. This will save your Numbers document as an Excel document. You can double-click the document on any computer with Excel installed to open it in Excel.

On Windows

  1. Go to CloudConvert's website.It's at . While there isn't a native way to change a Numbers document to an Excel document in Windows, you can use CloudConvert's services to make the conversion.
  2. ClickSelect Files.This button is near the top of the page. Doing so will open a file selection window.
  3. Select the Numbers file.The file selection window will likely open to your desktop folder, so if the Numbers file isn't there, you'll first have to select the Numbers file's location from the left-hand sidebar.
  4. Click .Doing so will upload the Numbers file to CloudConvert's website.
  5. Clickselect format.It's near the top of the page. Doing so will prompt a drop-down menu.
    • Theselect formatbar may already say ".xls" or ".xlsx", in which case you can skip the next two steps.
  6. SelectSpreadsheet.It's at the bottom of the "file selection" drop-down menu.
  7. Click or .XLS pertains to older versions of Excel documents, while XLSX documents are formatted for newer versions of Excel.
  8. ClickStart Conversion.It's the red button in the bottom-right corner of the page. This will convert your Numbers document into your selected Excel document format.
  9. ClickDownload.This green button is in the upper-right area of the site's page. Doing so will download your converted document in Excel format.
    • You can double-click the newly converted Excel document to open it in Excel, provided your computer has Excel installed.

On iPhone

  1. Open Numbers.This is the green app with white bars on it.
  2. Select a document to open.You may first have to tap the "Back" button in the top-left corner of the screen if Numbers opens to an existing document.
  3. Tap .It's in the top-right corner of the screen.
  4. TapSend a Copy.This option is near the top of the screen.
  5. TapExcel.It's the lower-left option on this page.
  6. Tap .You'll see the mail icon, which resembles a white envelope on a light-blue background, in the top row of the pop-up menu that's at the bottom of the screen.
  7. Enter your email address.This should go in the "To" field, which is at the top of the screen.
  8. Tap .It's in the top-right corner of the screen. Doing so will send the Numbers document in .XLS format to your email inbox, from which you can download it to a computer that uses Excel.

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  • If you have a cloud option (e.g., Google Drive or iCloud Drive) available on your iPhone or iPad, you can select it from the pop-up menu in which you find "Mail". Uploading your Excel document to a cloud service will allow you to download it from the Cloud rather than from an email.
  • Newer versions of Excel documents are actually saved as .xlsx rather than .xls.


  • Some Excel images and settings aren't supported in Numbers, and vice versa.

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