How to choose skiing: choose the right skis in height and size

How to choose skiing: choose the right skis in height and sizeSummer is traditionally famous for the sunny sea, while winter is for its ski resorts. In almost every country in the winter season, you can effortlessly find a slide equipped for skiing, sports clubs and even entire ski complexes. If desired, any physically healthy person can stand on skis and quickly learn to ride them. Comfortable and safe skiing is possible only when using suitable equipment for a particular person. Through this article, you will learn how to choose skiing for yourself and your child, learn how to determine the desired length and type of ski.

How to choose the right ski

Skiing must be selected depending on the individual characteristics of the constitution of your body and personal preferences in the styles of riding. Under the more aggressive, maneuverable style fit tight skis of the middle or expert class.Smooth descents on direct routes can be done with the help of soft skis of amateur or middle class. Quality skis should be perfectly balanced relative to each other, have the same weight, length and width. In addition, even amateur skiing must have the correct longitudinal flexibility, vibration stability and torsion stability.

How to choose the length of the ski

The correct choice of the length of downhill skiing is calculated using Brock’s formula:

  1. For height up to 165 cm - height minus 100 cm.
  2. 165-175 cm - height minus 105 cm
  3. 175 cm and above - height minus 110.

Implied ideal weight within 5 kg. Ideal weight can be found by the formula "height minus 100". For example, a person with a weight of 75-85 kg and a height of 180 cm has an ideal weight, whereas 100 kg with the same height exceeds the level of the ideal weight by 15-20 kg. If your weight exceeds the ideal threshold, you will need skis 15-25 cm longer than height. People with a weight close to the ideal can use skis with a length of 10–15 cm below their height for a course of riding or 10 cm more or equal to their height - for off-piste. Skiing also depends on your preferred riding style.Slow, but maneuverable descent is possible on shorter skis. For smoother and faster descent fit long skis.

Table of correspondence of ski poles to growth (height in cm / length of stick in cm):

150 — 100-110
155 — 105-115
160 — 110-120
165 — 115-120
170 — 120
175 — 120-125
180 — 125-130
185 — 130
190 — 135
195 — 135-140

How to choose a child skiing

How to choose a child skiing
The choice of ski for a child is significantly different from the traditional classifications. The minimum age for the first descents is 3-3.5 years. For children of this age special children's skis are available with a size of 70-80 cm with soft rubber bindings, because too hard can damage the foot of a small skier. Children over 5 years old can buy skis, 10-15 cm longer than their height with hard metal fixings. For an older child, you can choose a ski, depending on his preferences in riding. Watch for the presence of incisions to prevent rollback back, which should be in every model of children's skis. Adult children are suitable for children from 10-12 years old.
The choice of ski for a child

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