How to check memory performance

One way to checkof memoryis the test "Photo Memory". This test uses several series of 10 paired pictures. Paired pictures are the following: one is the background, and the other is embedded in it and has common outlines with the first. The test begins with the display of the first series of pictures. Each of them is given ten seconds to memorize. Results are recorded. Then the second series is shown, but it’s already 9 seconds to consider one pair of pictures, and 8 seconds in the third. And in the last series of pictures are shown for 1 second. After each stage, the results are recorded. It is believed that the memory is well developed, if it was guessed 8 pictures out of 10 in one series.
The second way is something like a trip to the first one. Only instead of pictures, words are used. To carry out this test, an outsider must write 20 simple nouns on a piece of paper. Then you study them for one and a half minutes, and then reproduce them orally or in writing.If you remember from 18 to 20 words, your memory is well developed, from 15 to 17 is good, from 10 to 14 is average. If you were able to reproduce less than 10 words, it is worth working on the development and strengtheningof memory, or you just do not know how to use it.
On various psychological sites, as well as in the special literature there are many tests to assess theirof memory. Some of them need to answer the question "yes" or "no", and in others choose the answer option that suits you. But keep in mind that tests can not give an objective result, since you need to take into account your current state, your mood.

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