How to change the oil filter

Prepare all the necessary tools for the job. After that, lift the car on a lift or place it on supports. Climb under the bottom of the machine and find the drain plug of the pan and oilfiltera. Do not forget that many parts will remain heated for a long time, which can bring you a lot of unpleasant moments.
Unscrew the plug through which the oil is drained from the oil.filtera. Next, remove the lid and substitute a pre-cooked container under the hole. Wait until all the oil has spilled out. Remember that the oil can be hot enough, so be careful with the container in which the oil is poured. After that, unscrewfilterand gently clean the seat to which it is attached.
Take the new oilfilterand apply a layer of oil on the gasketfiltera. After that, install it in the base of the new part, checking the reliability of fixing. Start spinning the oilfilterat the base of the surface on which it is installed. Feeling that he has touched the gasket, stop. After that, finally fix it, making the last full turn.
Remove the oil container and all tools from under the vehicle. Lower the machine to the ground and top up the engine oil to the desired level. Insert the key into the ignition and start the engine. Look carefully for any leaks. After that, stop the engine and wait until it cools down sufficiently. After that, open the hood and check the oil level on a special dipstick. If you see that the label is below the minimum value, then refill.
At first after replacementfilterand try to periodically check the oil level. Remember that it is forbidden to drain waste oil into the sewer. Better hermetically pack it and hand over to a special collection point.

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