How to care for house plants

Dependence of plants on humans

The life of indoor plants depends entirely on the person. If you do not water the flower, it will soon wither. For the life of the plant it needs: moisture, light, heat, fertilizing, fresh air. Washing the leaves, cutting and pinching the plant is not so important, if you deprive them of this "pleasure", they will not die.
Plants do not like excesses. It is impossible to over-water them, subject them to constant sunshine, overfeed with fertilizers. Houseplants have a period when they can not be touched, often watered, moved from place to place. Experiments have revealed that if you talk with a plant, it will grow better.

Everyday inspection

During the period of plant growth, it is necessary to inspect the leaves, stem, and crown every day. The presence of defects on them will talk about mistakes in care or about possible diseases. It is necessary for plants to create a certain temperature regime. It ranges from 13 to 23 degrees.Some species and varieties like a cooler climate, while others are heat-loving. Many home plants are unpretentious and easily tolerate temperature changes, its decrease or increase.

Need for light

Light - a necessary factor for the normal life of the plant. Therefore, you should maintain a light mode. This includes: the length of daylight and the level of illumination. The plant must have access to natural light from 13 to 16 hours. This is enough for the photosynthesis process. The lack of light leads to the appearance of disease.

Microclimate in the apartment

It is equally important to monitor the humidity. In winter, when the central heating system is operating, the air becomes dry, which is unacceptable for plants. Therefore, you should arm yourself with humidifiers or sprayers. They will help maintain the desired microclimate in the room and apartment. Spray the plants in the winter should be early in the morning, so that by night the drops with water are completely evaporated.
Home plants do not like drafts. They need fresh air, although some varieties can grow in enclosed glass rooms.Fresh air makes the plant resistant to diseases and strengthens the stem.
From time to time you should wipe the plants from dust. A layer of dust creates a protective film on the leaves, clogs the stomata, thereby slowing down the process of photosynthesis. Large leaves can be sprayed with water and wiped with a cloth, small leaves are completely immersed in water. Cacti should be wiped with a soft brush. Rotten and dried leaves must be promptly removed.

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