How to build a cat house

Cats are capricious and self-willed animals. Everyone has not only his own character, but also addictions, from which to wean them at times oh, how hard! And if the pussy wanted to equip itself a nest on the shelf of your closet with clothes - be prepared for the fact that all its contents will be regularly thrown away by a hard-working kitty, and on the regiment of a king lie down your darling. So, it's time to equip her personal, cat house.
 cat house
In pet stores, the choice of any" bells and whistles "for pets is, of course, wide. But the purchase of a finished house is not always affordable, and it is not known whether you will like buying your pet. You can try to build a house on your own, from what you can find at home. It will turn out cheaper, and the smell will be home, home. So, we conduct a revision of materials in our personal pantries, we select what we can use, and we will buy everything that's missing. I found a suitable multicooker box, remnants of foam rubber, an old sisal bag and pieces of fabric: gray knitwear and red artificial leather.
 bag and pieces of cloth
From the tools we will need: a knife (can be clerical), a glue gun (it does not smell ), stapler and scissors. First, draw with a pencil and cut out the entrance to the house with a knife. For example, like this.
cut out
My cat loves natural materials, and I decided to glue the walls of the box from the inside with sacking, using a glue gun. Of course, I washed and dried the bag beforehand, and then cut it into pieces of the right size. Do not forget to cut the hole in the burlap.
 the cat loves natural materials
We build the ceiling from the lid of the box, carefully attaching it to the walls with a glue gun on all sides around the perimeter. “Bedroom” is almost ready, and on top of the three remaining elements of the box you can now make the second floor. Let's arrange here a bed for our cat. For greater strength, bend the protruding cartons in half, fastening them with a stapler and glue. Then we form walls, gluing together three bent cartons among themselves. The frame of the house is ready, you can start the finishing work.
 Building a ceiling
 Building a ceiling
According to the size of the walls of the resulting frame, we cut out the stripes of knitwear, taking into account the allowances about 1-1.5 cm on all sides, and we fit the walls of the house outside with them, sticking the fabric gradually, as the glue gun works. The upper allowances are bent on the inside of the walls of the future bed. Do not forget about the inlet! Cut it with an allowance of 2 cm and glue the edges from the inside of the “bedroom.”
 we cover walls
Make three pillows from foam rubber and artificial leather , it will be a soft covering of the walls of our beds.We cut out rectangles from artificial leather in proportion to the pieces of foam rubber, leaving allowances of 3-4 cm.
 We put foam pieces
We put foam pieces on the wrong side of leather rectangles , allowances bend. All the excess in the corners we cut off and carefully wrap every corner. We sew folds in the corners of the pillows with a needle, sew foam allowances. Pillows are ready.
 we sheathe
We glue the resulting three pillows onto the walls of the second floor, pressing them tightly.
cat house
It remains to put a soft litter inside the house and on the bed, decorating it according to your taste and preferences of the cat. With housewarming!
 cat house

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