How to behave with subordinates?

Lyubov Shalabayeva
Lyubov Shalabayeva
March 18, 2013
How to behave with subordinates?

Being a boss is hard work, and being a good boss is even harder. In addition to great responsibility, the task of any manager is to create good healthy relations in the work collective, which are always the key to flawless and efficient work. How to behave with subordinates so that they feel comfortable and work effectively? The task is not easy. Here are a few tips, applying which you can improve relationships with subordinates.

Executive Tips

  1. No informal relationships at work. They are harmful to the cause, so you should not have pets. Remember that every employee is equal and equally valuable. Separating someone in particular, you put yourself in a dependent position.
  2. Be interested in events from the lives of your employees, whether it is a wedding, anniversary or the birth of a child. Take care of subordinates, call them by name, be interested in affairs and health.Such attention will not go unnoticed - it will raise the mood of the workers and your respect in their eyes.
  3. Carefully review the capabilities of your employees. Give them jobs on the verge of the possible, it will be an incentive for development. However, do not go too far. Tasks must be real and doable.
  4. In order not to lose credibility, make demands on subordinates. They are waiting for this from you. Do not extinguish, be courageous and resolute, as required by your position as a superior.
  5. Teach subordinates to independently solve questions. If they come to you for advice, you do not need to think for an employee, just tell him, push a thought, but do not give a ready-made solution. And listen to any advice subordinates, even if you do not follow them
  6. How to behave with subordinates? Rule number six - do not punish employees in front of everyone. It is better to do it personally, otherwise it will cause hatred on the part of the workers. Try to praise employees more often, but see that this does not take the form of rivalry in a team, if you praise only one person from time to time. And do not argue over trifles, be above it.
  7. And further.You must prepare the staff well so that, if necessary, they can replace the boss if the latter is ill or went on a business trip.

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