How to assemble houses from glued laminated timber

You will need
  • Instructions, carpentry, finished model.
Read the instructions to get started. They will help in the selection of building material. Study photos of houses from gluedtimber, consider which shape the roof is used in, which windows are inserted.
If you like any project, study the market of ready-made kits. Glued housestimbersell directly from the factory, the product resembles the usual designer. Assemble the house using tie-pins, metal rods. Bars are fixed with nuts and tied. Having built a house using this technology, you will spend no more than a month and a half. You will not have to deal with hard work, nor will you have to think about complicated interior decoration.
After you have reviewed photos of houses from gluedtimberwhat to do, you know. First, build the foundation. Pay attention to the finished screw pile foundation.Check the geometric dimensions - this is a prerequisite. So the house will be installed efficiently and reliably. If the foundation is installed in sizeat home, you do not burden yourself with fitting work.
Install under the first crown waterproofing. Do not forget to lay between the bars mezhventsovy insulation. After building walls, install beams and floors. Install the truss system. Put a roof covering on the roof system. All exterior work completed.
Next, install inside the frame partition walls. Put insulation on the floor and walls.

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