How to assemble a welding machine

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If you perform a transformer on another metal, then the core volume will increase, therefore, the performance will deteriorate.
During the winding of the secondary winding of the transformer it is necessary to capture all the rings of the core, otherwise the output voltage will not be equal to 50 V.
For gram phasing of the secondary and control windings, it is advisable to supply a MBGO type capacitor with 10 μf / 160 V.
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To preserve the cross-sectional area of ​​the core, before installing the winding into the transformer, it makes sense to wind a part of the steel tape on the outer side of the bagel core. Select the wire for the windings on the basis of the fact that the welding current is 80 A. You can weld such a wire using a three-millimeter electrode.
If, for the rectifying circuit, we take thyristors calculated for the operating current two times larger than the current of the welding unit, then a rectified regulated voltage of up to 50 V is formed at the output.
Thyristors in the rectifying voltage circuit allow changing the secondary voltage and thereby smoothly adjust the welding current. As a result, the efficiency of work away from the mains supply is increased, as losses in long wires are compensated.

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