How to independently align the floor during a major overhaul

A slight, completely invisible to the eye floor slope in the apartment creates unpleasant problems. Therefore, starting to overhaul in an old apartment or in a new, purchased in gray version, the floor must be leveled. There are several ways to equalize, including lighthouses and in bulk.

Preparatory work To determine the way to level the floor, you must release it from the old floor to the ground, remove and remove all rubbish. View the types of irregularities. Use the long level to measure drops at the highest and lowest point of the floor level. On the site moy-domik it is possible to get acquainted and get answers to the questions connected with its repair. Determine how to troubleshoot floor problems. Leveling the floor in bulk 1. If the joints of the slabs are laid unevenly, the seams are inaccurately sealed, there are separate chips on the slabs, in some corners of the room a very slight incline is determined, then repairs are carried out selectively.In this case, we close the gap with a solution of all the cracks and irregularities. The dried surface is carefully treated with a primer emulsion and dried. Fill the low places with the solution, bringing it to the zero level. Dry the floor at a uniform temperature and lay the floor. 2. If the drawbacks are the same as in the first case, but the difference in the floor level is more pronounced and in some places at the walls is 30-35 mm, then such floors are best smoothed using special mixtures. Fill the unevenness with the cement-sand mixture, let it dry, primer it and fill the entire floor with a mortar. The layer of mortar solution varies in the range of 3-5 mm. At the lowest point, the loading height must not exceed 35 mm. We give to a coupler to dry. This method is the cheapest and fastest, but can only be used with small differences in the level of the floor. Leveling the floor with beacons 3. If the unevenness of laying the floor slabs are visible along the entire length, and their slope difference is more than 35-40 mm, then we align the beacons. Clean swept floor treated primer. We are preparing a cement or gypsum mortar for fixing beacons.The first row of lighthouses should be at a distance of 30 cm from the walls, the remaining rows should be 100 cm apart. Through equal distances we apply a little of the solution and lay the beacons. Align them to the level. Fill the space between the lighthouses with a mixture dissolved to the thickness of sour cream, let it dry. Finishing alignment starting from the far corner of the room by sector, moving to the exit. We make sure that there are no influxes, and the solution is distributed evenly over the height of the beacons over the entire area. We dry the screed and proceed to further repair work.

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