How much does a banana weigh?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
March 24, 2015
How much does a banana weigh?

In many recipes, the amount of ingredients is indicated in glasses and spoons, but in some, in grams, which, I must say, is rarely convenient, because far from everyone has a kitchen scale. That is why the real owner should know how much this or that product weighs in order to cope with any recipes equally well and quickly. Let's see how much a banana weighs and what percentage of its weight is the peel.

Banana weight

The average weight of a banana with peel is about 200 grams.

A small banana will weigh about 150-170 grams, the weight of a large can reach 250 grams.

The peel of a banana, as everyone can notice, is quite heavy, and therefore, if you clear a 200-gram banana, the pulp will remain about 120 grams.

In the case of bananas, this formula works - about 3/5 of the weight is the flesh, and 2/5 is the peel. So consider: buying a kilogram of bananas, you pay for 600 grams of pulp and 400 grams of completely unnecessary peel. However, nothing can be done, because the peeled bananas are unlikely to be sold to you.

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