Houses from SIP panels

Structural insulated panels are made by bonding insulation between two sheets of oriented strand board (OSB) to form an extremely strong and durable building material. The average is much lower than similar lumber, because construction does not require the use of additional insulation. The assembly of houses from SIP panels is handled by specialized companies. Not every construction company undertakes to do this kind of work, since the quality of the house being built largely depends on the quality of the materials.

Technologically correct will significantly improve the reliability and durability of the material. Each panel is made by incorporating insulating foam between two sheets of oriented strand board, where it expands to fill the void. The production of building materials using finished insulation will reduce the amount of waste.

Professional takes an average of one to three months.Significantly reduce the duration of construction work will allow the manufacture of materials at the plant. In fact, all the structural elements for the construction of the facility will be ready in advance. At the construction site they will only have to be assembled, exactly following the project documentation.

High energy efficiency, optimum tightness and environmental friendliness make houses of structurally insulated panels an excellent choice for construction. A typical scheme of structural build-up of panels on the supporting structure does not require the use of complex tools and special equipment. Even openings and various openings can be cut straight at the factory according to the provided real estate project.

The SIP panel industry is flourishing and expanding. Manufacturers are trying to make sandwich panels to meet the requirements of architects. Some companies are actively using expanded polystyrene. It is a cheap material that can be used as an optimal replacement for polyisocyanurate foam (PIR). Since in recent years, insulation standards have risen, frame construction can compete with brickwork and the traditional construction of wooden houses.

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