Hot stand in the form of a snail

Stand under the hot in the form of a snail
This interesting stand under the hot objects in the kitchen can make everyone himself at home. For this we will need: • MDF-plate with a thickness of approximately 19 mm • Acrylic paints - white and any other color • Photocopy paper • • tracing paper • • Sandpaper • File • Vices • Brush • Pencil Job description A stand for a teapot in the shape of a spiral is very easy to cut out of wood, and from an MDF-plate is even easier! Translate the motive "Snail" on tracing paper and increase on Xerox to the desired value. The diameter of our stand is about 20 cm.
 Hot stand in the form of a snail
Transfer the outlines of the motive to the MDF-plate using carbon paper, fix the plate with the motif in vice and cut the motive along the contour with a hacksaw in the direction from the outer end to the inner one.All edges should be carefully cleaned with an emery paper or file and gently remove the abrasive dust. The base is primed with white acrylic paint and let the paint dry completely. Then the top surface of the stand is painted in the color you have chosen. Attention: acrylic lacquer is not heat-resistant, therefore, if you intend to put a kettle with boiling water directly from a fire on a stand, do not cover the product with varnish!

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