Helihrizum having two lives

The helihrizum is loved by both amateur flower growers and professional arrangers of bouquets. This is a relatively unpretentious plant from the Astra family to grow is easy.

Sow the seeds in early spring in the ground. Shoots appear quickly, within 7-10 days. Seedlings thin out (they are not afraid of transplants), leaving about 15-25 cm between plants. Plants grow quickly and develop, turning into beautiful straight shrubs, strongly branching above. The whole plant has a pubescence, the height of the bushes 40-80 cm.

Young plants bloom in 50-60 days. A feature is the long flowering until the very late frosts. Coloring is the most diverse and unique, all colors of the rainbow are represented.

The diameter of the flowers is about 4-5 cm. The baskets are inflorescences terry and semi-double, have rustling scales-wrappers, and the flowers in the center of the inflorescence are small and yellow. There are two-tricolor inflorescences, very elegant.

Hellichrism will bloom well on loose, nutritious, moderately moist soils. He loves the sun. He easily tolerates drought.In case of prolonged arid weather, he will thank for watering with larger buds.

Cut helihrizum inflorescences can stand in water for a very long time.

The helihrizum for winter dry bouquets is cut in the half-blossoms of inflorescences, tied in bunches and dried, hanging them down with their heads in the shade.

High varieties are grown for cutting and for dry bouquets. Low-growing varieties look great in the borders and rabatkah.

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