Gum swollen around tooth: what to do

What to do if the gums around the tooth are swollen: folk remedies

Naturally, if the gum is swollen, then the only correct solution to eliminate the disease is to visit the dentist and follow all his recommendations. If the visit to the doctor can not be carried out in the near future, and you need to alleviate the symptoms of the disease, you can resort to simple means of traditional medicine. In many sources, you can find information that the application of hot compresses to the gums significantly improves well-being. However, remember that such actions, though they give some positive result, but not for long. In most cases, after some time, the symptoms return, and with a vengeance. Heat compresses can provoke festering gums, which in turn will require long-term treatment in the future.

In the fight against swelling of the gums, the infusion of various herbs that are used for rinsing the mouth is well recommended.

- put a tablespoon of dry Hypericum in a mug, pour 200 ml of hot water on it, let it cool, then rinse your mouth every two or three hours.

- put a pinch of chamomile in a cup and pour boiling water over it. In a cooled infusion, add a teaspoon of salt, mix. Rinse your mouth every hour during the day.

- make a decoction of oak bark (a tablespoon per 200 ml), cool to room temperature and rinse your mouth after each meal.

What to do at home, if about a tooth swollen gum and sore

If the gum hurts very much, then in this case it is best to drink an anesthetic drug. If possible, purchase a special dental gel in a pharmacy that relieves inflammation and relieves pain. Well relieves pain and the usual 3% hydrogen peroxide. Dilute it 1 to 1 in warm water and at least five times a day, put the mixture in your mouth and hold it for several minutes.

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