Greeting Card

A holiday card is a small original letter in the form of congratulations, which is able at the time to dispel your boredom and make you smile to the ears. Be it poetry or prose, but the main task of the postcard is to make this wish sincere, which means from the heart and with love! Buy almost everybody can buy a postcard in our time, but to do it yourself - this will be harder and more laborious, but believe me, it's worth it! After all, a purchased card can be lost among the same simple greeting cards, but a handwritten card will always stand out and please the soul of the heroes of the occasion. If you still decide to make a postcard, then you will need a colored cardboard, various satin ribbons and lace, simple glue and glue with sparkles (or nail polish), Swarovski glue stones or simple beaded beads, and also adhesive application. The components of the kit depend on how you came up with a card for your friend or girlfriend. Greeting card First of all, choose a greeting, then type it in a Word (or other text) document. Please note that you should print out two pages so that on the second half of the A4 sheet there is a greeting itself, therefore we leave the first sheet empty and feel free to press Ctrl P, set up and print. On the next half you can finish the congratulation by hand or simply paint, or paste stickers.
 Greeting card
Now we start the main task in our postcard - this is the decoration of the front side. To begin with, we take our lace or wide braid (for lack of the first material) and gently glue on the side. This is a very important matter in which you need to glue with a minimum amount of glue, otherwise you can spoil the postcard and your own efforts. Already on the glued lace you can put a bow from a satin ribbon, and also randomly paste Swarovski stones or beaded beads.  Greeting card
Our next step will be the signature of the celebration.At the top or bottom of the postcard, this is already a wish, write the name of the holiday with the marker: Happy Birthday or Happy Wedding, in general that holiday, which will soon take place at the originator of the celebration. The name of the celebration itself can be made even more exclusive and colorful by highlighting several letters in the name with brilliant glue (or varnish). The final step is to attach the application in a free space. Wait until the card is dry, and you can put it to the gift.
 Greeting Card
 Greeting Card
Your greeting card is ready and you have done your best! This postcard will be happy to everyone. It's more than just a greeting card, it's a card with your soul!
 Greeting Card

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