Granite and marble window sills

Any window is equipped with a windowsill, and they are usually uninteresting and fairly faceless. Today it has become fashionable to install stone window sills of granite or marble. This innovation will add to your home refinement and beauty.

It would be reasonable to install stone window sills if the room is already cluttered with appliances or furniture. Well, if your house also has a staircase, the best option for its renovation will be the installation of stone steps. The advantages of the steps and window sills of marble or granite are that, besides beauty, they are very durable and strong.

Products made of natural stones have a wide range of colors, they are not afraid of various kinds of scratches, endure mechanical impact, they are hard to damage or break.

Granite and marble windowsills and steps can have different texture. The grinded surface is slightly rough, which prevents objects from rolling off. The most expensive method of processing this material can be called polishing.And the greatest manifestation of the stone pattern can be achieved by sawing the granite surface.

Another way to process a granite surface is exposure to high temperatures. The stone obtained by this treatment has a stable and rough surface. Such stones are very often used for the design of external staircases.

Most people who decide to install windows in their home choose plastic or wooden window sills. But if you use marble, then you will get benefits that are hard to overestimate.

Marble window sills, their prices and advantages

1. Marble is a rather eco-friendly material, so you don’t have to worry about your health and your close people.

2. The window sill, made of marble, is very durable, it is quite difficult to even split it with a blow.

3. Such window sills are very hygienic, since bacteria are difficult to multiply in the surface of the marble.

4. Another undoubted advantage - exclusivity. Not many can boast of having marble window sills in their homes, the price of which is somewhat higher than the usual plastic or wooden ones.

5.You can choose for yourself a marble window sill of any shades and colors, but also pick up an interesting natural pattern. This material has amazing decorative properties.

6. One of the most important qualities of stone windowsills can be called their durability. They become obsolete only after 100 years of operation.

You can add to everything that once you have installed a marble window sill, you will not have to paint it or repair it for the whole period of its operation. It is almost impossible to break it, but it doesn’t need painting because it does not burn out in the sun and will not fade in a few years. In addition, the scientifically proven bactericidal properties of marble will help to preserve your health and the health of your family members.

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