Ginger with lemon and honey

Ginger with lemon and honeyis a recipe. Ginger is an excellent remedy for colds, indisposition, cold. Ginger root contains so many useful elements that it is not possible to list them all - these are vitamins and minerals.


  1. 300-350 grams of ginger;
  2. one lemon about 150g;
  3. 150-200 grams of honey.


Ginger root clean and cut into small pieces. Lemon also clean and remove the bones from it. Skip the ginger and lemon through a meat grinder, or you can grind them with a blender. Add honey, mix well.

For prophylaxis, take one teaspoon of the mixture per day, the mixture is very hot, and you can simply add the same amount to your morning cup of tea.

Ginger, like any medicine you need to take with care. For any acute manifestations of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract is to refrain from its use.

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