Giant Clothespins from Uncle Stepa's House

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The history of the clothespin begins many thousands of years ago. There is no single version of the appearance of clothespins, but there are many legends and theories. Finds of archaeologists prove that this object was invented in the days of primitive man. It was two chips, connected together by the veins of animals. However, then this subject was intended also for other purposes. It was used both as a button on clothes, and as a hairpin for fastening hair.

In order to dry clothes from the skins of dead animals, people hung them on the branches of trees, where the wind could dry them faster. Perhaps the clothes were also hung inside the dwellings near the fire, the heat of which accelerated the drying process. All this made people come up with a device that could be used to fasten clothes on tree branches.

But centuries pass and the object used by primitive people for drying hides is now used as an element of decor.Proof of this is our post today.

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Developed by theCherry Tree Gallery, the clothespins are giant copies of the wooden clothespins we’re used to. Which are used as a holder for towels, photographs, drawings and notes. A very creative use of familiar things.

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