Ghost from Chupa Chups to Halloween

Make a small surprise on Halloween -Ghost from Chupa Chups. The whole process will take you about 10 minutes.

Materials and tools:

  1. lollipop;
  2. white fabric;
  3. gum;
  4. tape;
  5. scissors;
  6. marker.

Step 1

Take a white cloth and cut out two squares: one large, another small, about 1/4 of a large square.

Put a small square from the fabric into a large one and put the chupa-chups in the middle.

Step 2

We will wrap the chupa-chups with a cloth and fix the fabric with an elastic band. We draw the ghost's eyes with a marker.

To hide the gum and decorate the ghost, tie one or two ribbons with a beautiful bow.

Everything,the ghost from chupa-chupsis ready.

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