Gas cookers Miele - a technique with which it is easy and tasty

Traditions are reliability, experience, safety, but their weight is heavy.

Innovation is risk, courage, experiment, but at the same time convenience, opportunity and ease.

Scales of choice balanced by Miele technique

These two statements are true in many respects, but not with respect to the modern technology of well-known brands. So, both the gas and electric Miele hob combines the best features of tradition and innovation: reliability and safety, convenience and compactness, and elegant design.

Cooktops are generally actively squeezing out the usual stoves from modern kitchens. And it is quite justified, because only two arguments are enough:

  • An extensive palette of options for surfaces according to design, shape, material of the panel, color performance and type, which makes it possible to choose the most practical, profitable and convenient option.

At there is a wide selection of original Miele equipment, where you can choose a suitable type and shape surface with the necessary technical parameters.You can also take advantage of the unique offer from this advanced German brand - optional connecting straps. This makes it possible, by combining, to assemble for their kitchen an original multifunctional design of any width (more than the standard 120 cm) and configurations of individual surfaces of different types;

  • compactness (the height of the panel is usually no more than 5-6 cm), low weight and independence and connections to the oven allow you to efficiently organize the space in the kitchen and place Miele gas cooktops in the most convenient place for you.

Emphasis on safety

This is not all the arguments for the installation of advanced premium technology in their kitchen. Miele trademark in the development of technology, special attention is paid to operational safety. The following solutions have been implemented for cooking surfaces:

  • gas-stop: if gas supply is stopped (for any reason), the Miele cooktop will switch off automatically;
  • gas control: if the flame is extinguished due to the action of a draft or the liquid that has entered, an attempt will be made to restore (ignite) the fire, in case of failure, the gas supply stops and the panel is turned off;
  • blocking work - protection from children;
  • system of protective (in time) shutdown.

Convenience with which you can love cooking

In addition to the spectacular design, guaranteed safety and efficiency, Miele gas cooktops are notable for their ease of use. It is a self-ignition hotplate, a cooking timer with a digital display and a shutdown function, a special lattice design that forms an almost integral, comfortable surface and much more.

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