Galina Yudashkina sunbathes in microbikini on the ninth month

The daughter of a famous fashion designer with his eldest son Anatoly basking in the sun in America.

The second pregnancy of the daughter of the famous fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin - Galina became known in October. And since January, the girl has retired (Galina works in her father’s fashion house) and went with her husband and son to Miami. Like the firstborn of the Tolya couple, the second child will also be born in America.

“One pleasure is to devote oneself to the last two months of pregnancy,” recognizes the right hand of Valentin Yudashkin and shares solar photographs from the beach. And yes, even in the ninth month Galya does not deny himself microbikini.

Photo: @gyudashkina

In a bathing suit, which is more like a few straps, Galina came to sunbathe on one of the central beaches of Miami with her son Tolya ...

“My favorite, only he can bring me in 2 seconds, and then hug and kiss!” - the girl signed a tender picture with the baby.

True, to relax and collect compliments she hardly turns out.After all, next to the chaise lounge are sand figures, spatulas and buckets ... So it’s immediately obvious how Maksakova’s spouse spends that day! With the son and in the sand.

Photo: @gyudashkina
Photo: @gyudashkina
Photo: @gyudashkina
Photo: @gyudashkina

Recall Galina Yudashkina and Peter Maksakov (yes, the grandson of the famous folk artist Lyudmila Maksakova) got married three years ago.

The story turned out to be romantic. A couple of times tried to bring together common friends. However, on the first date, an interactive exhibition, Peter invited Galina through social networks ... And she agreed!

It is curious, but already at the first meeting the young people talked for eight hours in a row. And since it turned out to be so much in common, they decided not to part at all.

Soon after the wedding, Galya became pregnant. The firstborn was called Anatoly in honor of Petya’s grandfather, Anatoly Dobrynin.

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