Fluffy wreath of pompons

Late fall. Now is the time to knit warm socks, fluffy scarves or tinkering with New Year's, in winter-like festive and cozy crafts. Today, I invite you to make together with me a soft wreath of white pompons and balls. This wreath will decorate your door (but not the outer one), or will become a charming decor for a table candle. It can serve as a Christmas gift for a loved one. And finally, it is in itself - an elegant decoration of the living room. Materials and design For the manufacture of wreaths are best suited ready-made foam foam rings. They are bought in shops for crafts. These rings are light, strong, they perfectly hold everything that decorators put on and glue on them. Do not confuse, please, foam rings for crafts with floral rings, sponges. Florists have a green sponge, and we need a pure white ring. I, unfortunately, managed to buy only one ring and I already used it for another, knitted wreath, which I will soon lay out. I will make a “pompous” wreath in the old manner - on a cardboard basis. Here she is.This is a cardboard ring the size of a pot lid (it served as a template due to the absence of a compass).
 cardboard base of the wreath
Cardboard ring should be tied with a ribbon from a synthetic winterizer However, any white fleecy material is suitable for this: cotton wool, white fluffy threads, felt, fabric. This winding will serve as the basis for sticking balls and pompons of white color.
 paste with cotton
Pompons are prepared in large quantities the day before. They can be quite large in diameter - up to 3 cm, but they can be quite small - up to 0.5 cm. The texture of the balls and pompons can also be different, the main thing is that they are all white and more or less round.
glue pompoms
Our wreath used: • hand-made pom-poms (I will describe the easy way below); • cotton balls from a pharmacy;• plush pompons from a craft shop; • decorative foam beads and balls; • • to dryavaya wool winter home decoration Stocking pompons -. quickly and easily pompons made simplified and rapid manner.It is difficult and long to make several dozen pompons and pompons of different sizes in the traditional way (using two rings). We simply wrap two or even all four legs of the chair with fluffy knitting threads, about the thickness of a sausage. In the same way as a sausage, we will tie the yarn at a distance of 5 cm. In total, we will get 18-40 pieces of havers, depending on how many legs we have to wind the yarn. This fluffy "sausage" is removed from the legs of the chair and cut with scissors between the wets. It turns out quite decent pompons, which can only fluff. The more often do utyazhki, the less will be pompons. Prepare pieces of 60, and you can start sticking the fluffy balls on the wreath. Glueing the balls on the wreath At first you can stick to a certain system, and then just fill the balls and pompoms with empty spaces on the basis. Glue balls need to thick glue type PVA. Some pompons do not want to stick, but it is easy to fix by fixing them with pins with heads. The gaps between the pom-poms, which remain, despite the rather dense gluing, we fill with foam balls, dipping each of them into glue and tightly pressing to the base. They are well glued to any material.To get the texture of a real snowdrift, it is recommended to fill even the smallest intervals with curly decorative cotton wool - it gives the composition an airy softness. It is not necessary to glue cotton wool: on a fleece basis, it perfectly pulls without glue. Now our wreath looks like a snowy cloud. We leave it to dry overnight, and in the morning we remove pins and experiment with other decor elements.
 wreath ready
Here are all my variations: the combination of" white-white " “White-red” and “white-red-red”. (pictures) This is a matter of taste.

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