Flexible tool storage in the home workshop

The appearance in the home workshop of a new equipment is always associated with the search for its location. In order not to permanently alter shelves or cabinets with your own hands, arrange storage of the tool according to a “flexible” system that allows you to change the location of ready-made modules and easily add other blocks.
Flexible tool storage system

Start with slats with bevels

The main elements of this universal system are horizontal slats:
  • Support, having a 45 ° slant on the top edge and fixed to the wall.
  • Suspended with a bevel on the bottom, fixed on a removable panel or cabinet.
Flexible tool storage system
Plan the layout of the wall strips based on your needs.You can arrange several levels of storage tools from floor to ceiling or use space above the workbench, installing two or three support bars. After determining the total length of the rails, prepare a level sawn timber section of 30x150 mm. Fix the boards on the workbench and set the circular saw blade at an angle of 45 °.
 Flexible tool storage system
Adjust the longitudinal focus on the size of 60 mm to get different slats. Wider support strips will go to the walls, as they must withstand a greater load. For the suspensions of individual components, there are enough boards already.
 Flexible tool storage system
Zip and sand the workpieces, apply the finish and install the wall parts to the desired height. Align the boards horizontally and check that they are in the same plane. If necessary, use lining.
 Flexible tool storage system  Flexible tool storage system
Drill through the mounting holes and drill through from the back therewhere the protruding nuts will interfere with the suspension.
 Flexible tool storage system
Insert studs with nuts into the holes and tighten the threaded connection.

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