Fine motor skills with lock and key

Fine motor skills with a lock and key - this is very simple and affordable. How to make an interesting developmental tool out of a key and a lock?

What an adult person does automatically sometimes becomes a serious problem for a child, because he still has poor fine motor skills, does not have the necessary experience, imperfect coordination of movements. Therefore, we need games for the development of babies with a practical orientation.

 Fine motor skills with a lock and key

Fine motor skills with a lock and key

According to the Montessori theory, you can carry out training for a preschooler at home and during everyday work: washing, cooking, cleaning an apartment. Give him a small feasible assignment, and thus you will not only take the child for a while, but also accustom him to work. For practicing practical skills with younger children, you should use various auxiliary materials.For example, a very interesting lesson can be done by giving it a small padlock and an anti-theft bicycle lock.

 fine motor development

development of fine motor skills

Spread out the materials in front of the child, demonstrate how the locks open and close with keys.

If you have locks of different sizes, you can focus the attention of the childand the fact that a big lock has a big key, a smaller key holds a smaller key, too.

 fine motor development 1

development of fine motor skills 1

Then pull out the keys, fold them separately, and invite the child to pick them up to the locks and open them.

Similar games for the development of children contribute to that they have improved not only fine motor skills, but also the ability to coordinate movements of the arms and the whole body, developing etsya observation, memory. And the acquired skill is sure to come in handy in life.

fine motor skills with locks 2

fine motor skills with locks 2

By incorporating practical training into a preschooler at home, you will help him to feel much more confident in everyday life, where he will sometimes have to deal with the most different, sometimes quite complicated tasks.

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