Felt Banana

Felt toys are safe, and therefore more often chosen by young mothers. Felt is an amazing material that does not require special treatment and is easy to manufacture, even in not-so-experienced hands. Food made from felt can be used for role-playing games, for training, for decorative purposes, etc. Today you can sew a banana from felt, and you can make it not just a toy, but, for example, a key chain, or a decoration for the holiday table. In any case, if you have small children in your house, such a toy banana will not be ignored. You will need:
  • White and yellow felt (the amount depends on the size of the future product).
  • Threads, needle.
  • The filler is holofiber.
  • Banana patterns (for the banana itself is drawn arbitrarily in its original form, and for banana peel a pattern is equal to 12 pieces of a banana pattern).
 Felt banana
Production: Application For a banana to a white felt, cut out the two pieces. Banana from felt Sew them together, twist them like this,so that the seams remain inside.
Banana from felt
Fill the resulting product with a holofiber tightly.  Banana from felt Sew up the banana to the end.
A banana of felt
Let's start making peel. Cut white and yellow felt in 4 pieces using the second pattern.
 Banana from felt
Sew half the white details together with the yellow ones, as in the photo. You should get 4 details.
 Feather banana
Then these details must be stitched together, making a stitch in the second part of the skin details that were not stitched.
Banana from felt
As a result, you should get a" cover "for a banana. Its middle part is sewn to one end of the banana.
 Banana made of felt
Then we put the peel on the banana and fix on 4 sides in the places of fastening with several sewing stitches. Banana from felt That's it,The toy banana is ready, you can give it to children. In case of contamination, dry cleaning of the product is recommended. By the way, you can sew a banana with eyes and a cheerful smile, and then he will rejoice and cheer up even more! Banana from felt
Banana from felt
A banana made of felt
 Felt banana
Good luck with your endeavors !

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