Fashion in Finnish, or This fabulously insane Helsinki ...


As a person who has been in love with Finland since childhood, and as a fashion designer, I want to tell you a little about the street fashion of her capital - Helsinki. And still slightly to shake the prevailing stereotype about boring Finns who do not know how to dress stylishly, preferring a boring gray-black palette and practical sweaters with an ornament in the form of deer.

Perhaps, this publication will inspire someone, entertain and amuse someone, but in any case, I hope that you will not remain indifferent to the wonderful Finnish dandies, even if some of the bows are on the verge of decency and a sense of proportion.

Argued that the more north a nation, the more muted and unobtrusive clothing it prefers. First, it is combined with the natural color type of appearance (light skin, natural blond and gray or blue shades of the eyes). Secondly, Finland cannot boast of a developed light industry (such as China) or a warm climate favorable for seasonal fashion (like, for example, Italy). Finland is the country of thousands of lakes, warm saunas and successful fishing.Well, what could be the fashion fishing after a sauna?

I will be honest and admit: in part, all this is true. In the provinces and small towns such as Rovaniemi, people do not like to stand out, and nowhere ...
About the fashion here only heard, and the usual straight-line is like this:

However, if we move to Helsinki, then we are in for a surprise ... More precisely, a lot of surprises!

And the first of them - on the streets sooo many brightly dressed people. green "tear out the eye", bright red, sunny yellow, orange, electrician ... It seems that he got on some incredible masquerade. A riot of colors, and moreover, in one outfit, in spite of all the usual standards of taste, can be combined much more than three colors!

Secondly, it's amazing how people combine things of different epochs, styles and destinations among themselves. In my opinion, there are quite successful, very stylish images ... I am inspired by such looseness, courage, and generally in this treatment of style there is some inner freedom ... which sometimes does not reach our women.

By the way, the older generation is not lagging behind ....

Not far behind and the stronger sex. And this nation can be called boring dressed?

However, sometimes an internal free artist seems to be completely out of control, and on the streets of Helsinki you can see such characters in broad daylight:

You know, I do not think that even so is bad and somehow wrong. In my opinion, such courage is better than the conservatism of the gray crowd, but of course the sense of proportion is very thin ... like ice on one of the thousands of Finnish lakes!

And, at the end of our tour, some more interesting, in my opinion, images.

To me personally, in all this splendor with a slight hint of madness, I like first of all the way with which inner beating and independence people treat their appearance. It’s like hanging in the air: “You don’t owe anything to anyone!” Women don’t have to wear pencil skirts and stilettos and be constantly “glamor” and “sexy”, while men here do not think that a bright shirt and an incredible shade of pants are a sign of unconventional orientation. People here do not pursue elegant, expensive, superfashionable things from famous brands. And if you are wondering where this or that dandy has such interesting clothes, most often you will hear: bought at a flea market! Or: in second-hand was a good sale! Or even: I made it myself. It is safe to say that Finnish fashion really comes from the streets, and not from expensive catwalks, there is little gloss and a lot of soulfulness in it, and probably that is why it has been inspiring the designers of the rest of the world for many years ...

Yes, it is possible that Finnish dandies are sometimes overdone with something, sometimes as if hiding behind the screens of bright, shocking, even fairy-tale images, but now I know for sure: Finnish style is not only monochrome, practicality and conservatism.

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