Empire style living room: how to create an imperial interior yourself

Translated from French, empire (pronounced empire) means empire. Empire as a style appeared in France, in the time of Napoleon. That is why this style is associated with the emperor, it is just as strict, pompous, but at the same time not without its magnificence. Today, we'll show you how to create a room in this style yourself.

Finishing materials

The pomp of the Empire style is created by using materials that you associate with wealth - precious woods, marble, granite, mosaic, fabrics. Preference should be given juicy rich colors: blue, burgundy, white.

For expensive walls suitable heavy expensive wallpaper, but you can also use fabric. The lower part, as a rule, is decorated with natural stone. As a flooring used slabs of polished stone, parquet.

A classic whitewash is considered a classic ceiling finish.However, today designers, creating a living room in the Empire style, prefer stretch ceilings with a matte surface. To the ceiling did not seem boring, it should be decorated with stucco and a magnificent chandelier of crystal. The final stroke in the decoration is a stucco border with obligatory gilding and stucco decorations.


In the imperial living room there should be luxurious furniture. Bulky sofas and armchairs, beautiful tables and chairs, unusual wardrobes and cabinets of precious wood, covered with velvet or genuine leather - all this must be present in the interior of the Empire style. Suitable shades are red, burgundy, navy, purple, brown, and can be purchased and copies of dark green and even black.

A distinctive feature of imperial furniture - the predominance of design over functionality. If you are not comfortable sitting in a chair or sofa does not grant the expected comfort, but it fits well into the interior, then you should not refuse to buy.

Today, upholstered furniture salons offer a wide selection of items suitable for an empire room.However, if opportunities permit, we suggest buying exclusive handmade furniture, decorated with mother of pearl, silver and gold, because it is considered a symbol of luxury and wealth.


In a room decorated in Empire style, castle luxury should prevail, which means that the main elements of the decor can be columns, consoles, bas-reliefs and arches.

Walls should be adorned with paintings, stencils, medallions, bras with lampshades on the walls will not be superfluous. Old floor clocks and large mirrors in luxurious frames will be appropriate in the living room in the Empire style. It is necessary to decorate windows with heavy curtains in tone with furniture.

Creating a living room in the Empire style is difficult; sometimes even designers make mistakes. However, if you read the special literature, take a walk on the sites of construction topics and get acquainted with the advice of professionals, then you will be able to create a real imperial interior yourself.

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