Embroidery Design

There are several different ways to design embroidery. After the picture is finished, it needs to be put in order. Due to the fact that embroidery is often taken by embroiderers on the road, it often gets dirty. And therefore, after the end of the work, you need to wash it.

This is done in warm water, soft powder, gentle movements. Then the product is dried and steamed with an iron, fixed on the flizelin and sometimes framed simply in a frame, sometimes added to the mat.



Most often for the final stroke, that is, to insert the picture into the frame, use the services of the framing workshops. They will advise and help you choose the mat, and the frame, and the special anti-glare glass, which in future will protect the embroidered product from dust.

Also for embroidery design you can buy a photo frame, and then insert your embroidery into it. This method is not particularly good, because You can hardly find a frame that fits perfectly. In this case, the embroidery will not be fixed. And it can cause distortions.


Embroidery Design


You can make a frame of handy tools and attach embroidery. This method of embroidery design is inexpensive, only in this case you will spend a lot of time.

Another option for embroidering a cross is to pull the embroidery onto the cardboard and sew it. When pulling embroidery, you need to make sure that the cells on the edge of your picture go as evenly as possible. Many people like to embroider, and those who already have experience in this kind of needlework, also strive to arrange embroidery beautifully.

Cross-stitch is a very popular type of needlework. Embroidery will be a great and unique subject of home decor or clothing. Also, for example, embroidered with a cross and decorated with taste, the picture can be a great gift for family and friends.

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