Effective exercises for the inner thigh

Not everyone likes to play sports. And in vain, because no diet in the world, no starvation can remove fat and tighten the skin. Exercises for the inner thigh will help to cope with the most difficult problem area in a woman’s body. If you want to wear mini skirts, dresses, swimsuits and at the same time not to stock up on your legs - start acting.

In order for our body to be slim and fit, our muscles need tone and pressure. The more intense the load, the faster you will get the perfect body.

Agree, it is nice to be able to wear absolutely any kind of things, without thinking that you look ugly in them. To have complete freedom of choice in clothes, you need one thing - the perfect body. You can get it only by combining proper nutrition and fitness.

Unfortunately, there are many problem zones in the body of a woman, it is especially difficult to fight with extra centimeters in the hips and legs.But you so want to wear a fashionable swimsuit and see slender legs. Your desire can be realized, but it will have to work hard.

Today we will consider a complex of exercises for the inner thigh. You should know that it is difficult to tighten the muscles in this zone. In order to achieve the result you will need to practice regularly, preferably 4 times a week. It is necessary to work this zone for thirty minutes.

It is advisable to perform different exercises every day. So that the muscles do not get used. Then you can see the result much faster.

Performing each exercise, always strain your muscles, you can not perform physical exertion in the floor strength.


Any sport begins with a warm-up, so do not neglect it. The muscles of the inner surface of the thigh can be very easily pulled, so that this does not happen, you must warm the muscles.

For a warm-up suitable run or jumping rope for five minutes. After that, you can proceed with a common set of exercises with a clear conscience.

  1. We lie down on the mat, the back is pressed tightly to the floor, legs at an angle of 90 degrees are raised above the floor.Now slowly we plant legs up to the stop. Without sudden movements, at least 20 times.
  2. The starting position is the same. Only now the legs should be straight. Raise them up and gradually we breed. As always, we do everything slowly, 20 times to start.
  3. It's time to squat. True, not very usual. We become even, back straight, heels together, socks apart. And in such a difficult situation we begin to squat. If you find it hard to keep your balance, then you can stick your hand over the chair.
  4. Well tighten the inner thigh following exercise. We stand straight, hand stick to the table, chair or wall. And we start to move the leg forward, to the right and back. We do the same for the other side. Just one foot, you must complete at least 100 swings.
  5. We lay down on the mat on the right side. We swing legs to the angle of 45 degrees. Muscles must be tight. One hundred times on each leg.
  6. The starting position is the same. Only now we deduce a leg bent in a knee. 50 times.
  7. The following exercise is the most effective. We lay down on the right side. The right leg is straight, the left one is bent at the knee and touches the floor, covering the straight leg.From this position, we begin to lift the right leg. At least you need to do 30 times. For weighting, you can put a dumbbell on the rising leg. We repeat the exercise for the left foot.
  8. For the next exercise, you will need a ball, such as a football. Your task is to hold him between your legs and walk with him in that position for 5 minutes.
  9. We stand straight, legs wide apart. Squat in this position 50 times.
  10. We get on all fours, we take the right leg aside, so that it makes up with the body 90 degrees. Now tear off the foot from the floor and lift it up. At least one foot should be done 15 times.

After doing all exercises, you need to relax your muscles. To do this, you can sit in the lotus position or simply pushing the legs apart alternately to each.

Exercises for the inner thigh is easy to perform.

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