Dried Fruit Mix

Dried Fruit Mixis a recipe.


  1. dried fruits: raisins - 200 grams, prunes - 200 grams, dried apricots - 200 grams;
  2. walnuts 150g;
  3. lemons 2 pieces;
  4. honey 300 gr.


Pre-dried fruits are soaked in hot water for 15 minutes.

At this time, peel nuts, wash lemons and collect a glass of honey.

Take a jar (1.5 liters) and pour honey into it. Then squeeze lemon juice and add to honey. We look to the bones do not fall into the mix. Lemons are not thrown away.

In the meat grinder, we twist the dried fruit with lemon peel and nuts. Add this mixture to the jar.

We mix the mix with a wooden spatula and take 1 tsp. morning and evening.

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