Grattazh drawing technique

Drawing technique
" Grattazh "is an unusual drawing technique. Not even drawing, and scratching the elements of the picture. As a rule, “grattage” is done in black and white, but you can also experiment with the color of a picture or background! To make a picture using the technique of “grattack” you will need: White cardboard, Oil pastel white, black gouache, wide brush, liquid soap, carbon copy, pencil, Sharpened skewer. So, using white oil pastel, we cover a sheet of cardboard with a thick wax layer. You can replace the oil pastel with wax crayons or a candle. Cardboard I tried to use glossy and matte. The result was more like on the glossy. Drawing technique
 Drawing Technique Black Gouache is mixed with a small amount of liquid soap,since you actually have to paint on the wax layer. Soap can be replaced with dishwashing detergent, shower gel or shampoo. Only one drop is required. Water is needed only to moisten the brush before starting work. We cover the cardboard with a gouache layer so that there are no gaps. If you added a soap tool, they should not be.
 Drawing technique
We are working to ensure that the paint layer is distributed evenly. Undiluted water gouache dries quickly.

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