Door for mezzanine \ Apartment repair

Materials and tools:

  1. PVP corner profile 10 or 20mm and 70mm. Cable channel for wire 10x15mm
  2. Docking from the installation of interior doors.
  3. 40x15mm timber
  4. mezzanine loops
  5. Instrument, Adhesive Materials

Step 1

Release and clean the mezzanine and the space around.

Remove old doors, trim, box - if available.

Step 2

The area is ready to go.

Make the necessary measurements. Preparatory work was carried out. Laying the wires in the cable channel.

Step 3

This is the bottom of the mezzanine.

First you need to make the lower part - the floor of the mezzanine.

At the bottom, glue the corner profile so that its one side is attached to the front, and the other to the ceiling of the dressing room.

(photo top view)

Stick on the bottom of the dobor so that its narrow side is glued to the front, and the mezzanine is wide on the floor.

Step 4

After processing the bottom of the mezzanine, measure the entrance height from two sides. Measure the height of the opening

Cut the two beams according to the sizes obtained.

Determine the location of fixing the bars, outline the locations for the holes. Determine the size of the upper bar.

Make the necessary holes in the main wall using a perforator, install the dowel.

Fasten the side bars on the screws to the opening of the mezzanine.

Step 5

The side and top bars of the mezzanine to decorate PVC corner with a side length of 5 cm.

Brush abundantly with glue on both the corner and the bar. Glue them together. Put under the yoke.

After drying, the bar can be mounted to the ceiling.

Step 6

For the size of the side bars, cut out two parts from the PVC corner, grease with plenty of glue.

Stick on over the bars. As seen in the photo, the screws on which the bar was attached are not visible, they are under a PVC corner.

In the finished form, it looks quite aesthetic.

Step 7

You can mount the top bar.

Step 8

Measuring the resulting opening, saw off too much, if necessary, leaving allowances. Drill holes for mounting handles.

After that, the raw edges (in this case, their 2-side and top, which will be directed to the ceiling) can be processed by a box for laying wires.

Sawed edges of the door to decorate the box for laying wires 10x10mm.

Measure and trim too much.

Lubricate the cavity of the box and put on the edges of the shield.

Looks very aesthetic. Since the door is located under the ceiling, it is sure that this is sufficient for the final bleaching of the side sections of the shield - the door.

Step 9

The upper and lower edges of the shield remain.

The bottom one is the one that looks at the floor and near which there are holes for the handles. The upper is the edge that looks at the ceiling and when using the door will always be drawn past the gaze. So this is exactly the edge I did not begin to cover with a box, but simply painted with white paint. Anyone that is at hand. (well, of course not gouache or watercolor).

The door is ready. It remains to set the hinges and knobs.

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