DIY Solder Paste

Radio amateurs have long chosen such innovation as solder paste. It was originally invented for soldering SMD components during machine assembly of boards. But now many people use such paste for ordinary manual soldering of parts, wires, metals, etc. It is understandable - all in one hand. After all, almost actually solder paste is a mixture of flux with solder.
Do-it-yourself solder paste
In fact, to make solder paste for the needs of amateur radio operators, not so much time, effort and ingredients are needed. To make solder paste for us you need:
  1. Tin-lead solder rod;
  2. Vaseline is medical. Used as a thickener;
  3. Flux LTI-120 or another liquid.
I will make these components.And ideally it is better to take:
  1. Tin-lead solder bar;
  2. Solder grease. And if you find “active fat” so generally beauty.

How to make solder paste?

The whole process is unusually simple. We start with grinding solder.I took a thick tubular piece and began to grind it with a file, a file and a mechanical attachment to a drill. What you will use is up to you. But I am for the mechanics, because manual labor is too long and painstaking.
DIY Solder Paste
DIY Solder Paste
The smaller the baby, the better. A small amount is required.
DIY solder paste
Then add petroleum jelly in a 1: 1 ratio and some LTI flux (these two ingredients can be replaced with soldering grease).
DIY Solder Paste
DIY solder paste
We mix everything thoroughly.
DIY Solder Paste
Do-it-yourself soldering paste
For better stirring, the mixture can be heated in a water bath or a regular soldering iron, reducing its heating to 90 degrees Celsius. Next, we store the resulting paste into a thick syringe for storage specialized needle.Or even without a needle. On this paste is ready for use.

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