Do-it-yourself gift box

How many things that seem to us at first glance completely unnecessary and often create a mess in the house, in fact, disappear in vain. After all, in the able hands of a creative person, any small thing can turn into an original, and most importantly, an exclusive thing. To see a second life in a piece of scrap or a scrap of paper can be easily, if you become acquainted with the master class for making a gift box.
 flizeline wallpaper
Stages of making a gift box: 1. Measure out the square on the cloth wallpaper. When using other paper or thin cardboard, it is necessary to use a ruler and a pencil and make the necessary measurements. But given that the non-woven background of the wallpaper is quite strong, we can afford to "map" the desired parameter "to the corner." bend the corner
As for the size, then you need to come from what kind of packaging you need. The more initially cut the square, the larger the box will turn out. 2. It’s a completely flat (equilateral) square.
3. We will see the necessary bends only from the inside out.
 from the inside
4. To get the diagonal lines, we make the bends in the other direction. Further measurements are performed all the same - manually, without auxiliary objects. We take a corner and gently bring to the center.
 bring to the center
5. We double one side first.
 We double it
 Fold in half
6. We do the same with the opposite side and with those located on the sides of the square.
 We double it
Fold in half
 original borders
7.Now all folded design release. The result should be a division into peculiar borders.
 original borders
8. On certain lines further it is necessary to make a cut. Armed for this purpose with scissors. Note that the locations shown for the notches will be characteristic of only one diagonal. We cut to the point where the visual square is outlined from our initial folds.
 visual square
9. Now the next incision is made, but not as deep as in the first case.
 go to build
10. Billet ready. It's time to go to the assembly. Here everything is extremely simple. The design is more like the packaging, which inadvertently unfolded. Following the previously outlined lines, fold the box. The lines themselves will tell you how to put them.
 go to assembly
go to the assembly
 go to build
 go to the assembly
11. The lid of the manufactured box will always be smaller in size.
 fold the box
 fold the box
fold the box
12. So that it does not “hang out” and is not “under pressure”, maintain 3-5 mm for each side of the square at the stage of the blank. 13. Decorating gift wrapping directly depends on the festive situation. In addition to flowers, beads, rhinestones, ribbons, lace are quite suitable. You can paint and paint, if you can. And if this is a cute little thing for a baby, then the paper angels will quite adequately take their place.
 Decorating Gift Wrap
Gift box
Gift Box
That's it. Pretty cute gift box is ready. It took very little to make it: a piece of wallpaper, a drop of patience and perseverance and a little free of time.

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