Do-It-Yourself Candy Flower

Flowers made of paper with candies, turned into original and quite tasty bouquet with their own hands, can be a good gift for Mother's Day, Birthday or March 8.

This surprise will delight both adult women and girls who are not indifferent to sweets.

 Flower of sweets with our own hands

Flower of chocolates with our own hands

To make a simple but cute flower out of a candy with our own hands, we take:

Cardboard blank of the flower head. You can make it in the form of chamomile, violet and other flowers - everything will depend on the number and shape of the petals. For greater interest, around the core, we write a wish or a comic good prediction, or a compliment - anything that can cheer up a holiday.

Leaflets cut from self-adhesive green paper. First we fold a sheet of paper in half, and then we cut out a piece of paper to make it symmetrical.You can also use ordinary colored paper, in which case we will need glue.

Any candies attached to a stick, preferably a round shape that will resemble the core of a flower.

Let's get started!

In the center of the cardboard blank of the flower with an awl or other sharp object make a small hole. We insert a stick from the candy into it, pull it up so that the candy itself densely sat on the flower head.

Approximately in the middle of the stick attach the leaf. If we made it from self-adhesive paper, then simply remove the protective layer and connect the two halves; if out of the usual one, we pre-lubricate it with glue.

 Flower and leaf

Flower and leaf

We make several flowers and place them in a small floral potty.

 Place the candy flowers in the pot

Place the candy flowers in the pot.

do-it-yourself sweets!

 Flowers from sweets as a gift

Candy flowers as a gift

A master class on making them can be held even for the youngest children - they may well becope with this simple work, if you prepare in advance all the necessary components. The older children themselves will be able to cut flower heads and leaves, so your participation in the manufacture will be minimal.

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