Do-It-Yourself Dream Catcher

The Indian talisman - the dream catcher - is designed to protect a sleeping person from malevolent spirits. Dreadful bad dreams cannot sneak through the web and become entangled in it, while good and bright dreams slip through the center of the catcher. The best place for the catcher is the place above the headboard. Such an amulet can be made by yourself. The main rule is to put positive thoughts into your work. We need: - the basis for the center of the catcher - according to the “recipe” of the Indians - a ring of willow branches, but you can also use a ring without a clip from the embroidery frame or any other plastic or metal ring; - bases for small rings; - threads - floss, woolen or cotton; - scissors; - needle - you can use a blunt needle for embroidery; - feathers - in the shops for sewing and needlework sell decorative feathers, pigeon feathers can also be used yshki; - beads and pendants for decoration Stages robots: 1.. Prepare rings for the dream catcher.First you need to choose how many small rings there will be, what color of thread you need, and how they will be attached to the center ring of the catcher.
2. Take the center ring and twine it with thread, leaving a piece of thread to make a hook for attachment.
 thread the ring
The threads should fit snugly together. Twist the ring clockwise. Secure the ends of the threads tightly.
 Threads should fit tightly
Be sure to think about good things, put only positive thoughts into your amulet. 3. Tie a new thread near the knot. After a couple of centimeters, wrap the thread around the hoop and slide it into the loop that has formed. Gently tighten. Similarly, braid the entire first row around the perimeter of the circle.
 put only positive thoughts
The second row start a half-node is not on the hoop, but on a string of the first row.
 tie a new thread
Continue until you have filled the entire circle with a web.Weave a beautiful bead into the center and fasten the thread.
 the whole circle of a spider web
4. On the same principle, prepare small rings. They can be the same or different size. The main thing is that they look harmoniously with the main hoop of the catcher.
 main catcher hoop
5. Small pendants can also be attached to the rings. Fix the rings together. Some rings can be firmly attached to each other, while others can hang freely on a thread of the corresponding color.
 small pendants
6. Braid feathers and leave part of the thread in order to tie the feather to the catcher.
7. Check whether the rings are firmly attached to each other, whether the pendants, feathers and beads are fixed. Feathers and pendants can be hooked at different levels so that the catcher looks beautiful in the wind.
The ancient Indians took seriously not only the materials of which the catcher was made, but also to the colors that were used in the work.You can choose your favorite colors or use the color therapy data.

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