Delicious recipes - cook with love

Yummy in the kitchen every day - breakfast, lunch and dinner can and should be turned into a holiday

Cooking at any time and in any country is a real festive ritual. After all, our mood directly depends on the quality of the prepared food - to put the soul into the cooking, to create a “mood” at lunch or dinner, or to charge breakfast with “emotion” depends only on us.

On our site for a caring and loving Mistress there is absolutely everything - from quick snacks to festive recipes for Michelin restaurants, cook with love, pleasure and a good mood.


As psychologists say, the ingestion of delicious food on a subconscious level is always associated with family warmth and comfort, care and attention, well, and to whom then, as not real gourmets, enjoy the recipes offered here and choose the menu both for each day and for a festive feast.

Yes, and the saying “The way to a man’s heart lies through ... you know)))” has not been canceled, and popular wisdom always reflects the very essence of things very accurately.The ability to cook was highly valued always and everywhere - it’s not for nothing that experienced and talented chefs are worth their weight in gold, and their name makes the reputation of the restaurant inaccessible.

Delicious recipes - every dish works with us

Recipes of your favorite dishes are carefully kept in the family and are passed on from generation to generation, and the novelties of modern cuisine do not leave indifferent aesthetes of the culinary world. The kitchen is a real Mecca for the connoisseur and connoisseur of “proper cooking”, but we are happy to reveal all the secrets and secrets of the most delicious recipes:

  • First courses - delicious and rich borscht, fragrant and tender soups, broths and pickles, okroshka and solyanka, careful selection and harmonious combination of ingredients will not leave anyone indifferent;
  • The second (main dishes) - Italian pasta and Georgian pilaf, Ukrainian dumplings and Russian dumplings, meat and vegetables, fish, potatoes in all its “forms”, a huge selection of flavor combinations that gourmets will appreciate;
  • Baking and desserts - the sweetest dishes always and everywhere (!) are the real "kings" of the cuisine, divine cakes, the finest ice cream, tiramisu and mousses, chocolate and cheesecakes - this is a real extravaganza of color and taste;
  • Salads - his “Majesty” Harmony in a skillful combination of sauces and ingredients, vegetable, meat and fish salads have always been and will be the main decoration of any table.

Very - very tasty, useful and nutritious - carefully selected recipes on our website will hold any holiday with a bang and will make any Mistress queen of the kitchen.

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