Deer with his own hands - how to do

I present to you a few master classes - how to make a deer with your own hands with step by step unique photos.

A deer from a chupa-chups with your own hands

Candy on a stick is the favorite sweetness of many kids. She attracts their attention not only with her taste, but also with her design. If you want to bring the child in complete delight, it is worth decorating the Chupa Chups. You can make a real reindeer out of it!



Take such reincarnations of candy for a few minutes, and your child will have an amazing gift for the New Year.


Deer with your own hands


Content for work:

  • Thin cardboard;
  • lollipop;
  • markers;
  • decorative tape
  • scissors;
  • pencil.


olen-svoimi-rukami (2)


A rectangle of cardboard with dimensions of 20x15 centimeters is folded in half.

olen-svoimi-rukami (3)


Put the chupa chups to the place of the fold. We place it in the center of the sheet.

olen-svoimi-rukami (4)


We circle with a simple pencil. Including a small piece of sticks.

olen-svoimi-rukami (5)


Finish the deer's head with a simple pencil. The circle obtained in the previous step will serve as a deer nose.

olen-svoimi-rukami (6)


Carefully cut out the deer's head along the outer contour.

Deer with your own hands how to make


Cut a hole for the Chupa Chups.

olen-svoimi-rukami (8)


Decorate the deer with markers. Horn can also be further decorated with sparkles.

olen-svoimi-rukami (9)


Into the hole in the bottom, insert the lollipop.

olen-svoimi-rukami (10)


Decorative tape is chosen in red. So she will emphasize belonging to the holiday.



We pass it to the workpiece. It should be held at the fold of the cardboard. Tie it with a candy stick.Decorate with a bow.

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