Decoupage Box

In order to present an Easter gift gracefully and beautifully, you should take care of the packaging in advance. A box for Easter eggs or a small cake can be made independently and decorated to your liking. The decoupage technique allows you to transfer any image to the surface and decorate it in various ways, giving free rein to your imagination.
 a box in decoupage technique
To make a box you need:
  • Carton box of small size.
  • Acrylic paint (construction or decoupage).
  • PVA glue.
  • Easter napkin.
  • Gouache paints of different colors.
  • Varnish.
 Pick up the box
1. Pick up a box that fits in size. The external surface with images should be evenly painted over with white acrylic. If the picture shines through a layer of paint, apply acrylic again thicker strokes.After covering the box with paint from all sides, leave it until it is completely dry. It takes an average of 20 minutes.
 paint over white acrylic
 paint over white acrylic
2. While the box is drying, prepare the glue. Mix in a small saucer of PVA with water until a homogeneous liquid consistency.
 we will dissolve PVA glue
3. Choose a napkin bright, spring. Easter motifs with chickens, rabbits and flowers will do. Cut the napkin into squares slightly larger than the wall of the box. Separate the bottom white layers of the napkin from the top layer with the image.
 cut to size napkin
cut out the size of a napkin
4. Start pasting from the top of the box, gently applying glue to each piece of napkin. Using a soft brush, immediately smooth out any irregularities that form on the surface of the box.After drying, many small folds will disappear by themselves, so you shouldn’t worry too much about them.
5. In the work, make small pauses, letting the glue dry a little. This is necessary in order to accidentally touch the already pasted fragments of the picture when touching. With the rest of the napkins, seal the bottom of the box, layering them on top of each other. Leave it upside down until completely dry.
 decorate the edges
>img src="" alt="decorate the edges" title="decorate the edges">
6 . A dried box should be slightly decorated and give the figure the appearance of handmade. For this perfect volume contours and gouache paint. The inside of the box is densely covered with paint, trying to maximize the color of the surface to the background of the napkin. And also individual elements of the picture can be painted on with a brush. For example, the middle of the daisies can be painted with yellow paint, leaving dense smears.Or leave light strokes of white and yellow paint on the background, which will create the feeling of a hand-drawn picture.
7. Finally give the box a finished look will help varnish. You can choose a matte decoupage lacquer or the usual building. But any varnish will dry out for a long time. There is an express method of lacquering decoupage products - sprinkle the surface with hairspray. In this case, the box will acquire a light elegant shine, it will dry out in a minute and, most importantly, no odors.
 box in decoupage technique

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