Decoration Ball

The New Year is a time of dreams and magic, not only for children, but also for adults. For this holiday, many seek to decorate their home, office, and even cars. The classic form of Christmas toys is considered to be the ball. This craft in the form of a balloon, light and airy. It is very easy to make it, so children should be interested in creativity. For making it will be needed: 1) Any color tape (not too thick) 2) Balloon 3) PVA glue 4) Different beads, rhinestones, etc. 5) Threads and needles. necessary materials
Making a toy frame: inflating a balloon, size can be made as desired. It is desirable to firstly lightly grease the ball with any cream (so that after the glue dries it is easy to remove the skeleton). Then liberally apply the PVA glue on the ball and wind the band. Here, too, you can show your imagination at your own discretion. After the tape is glued, hang the ball to dry the glue (it is better to do this at night). When the glue is completely dry, gently make a small incision on the ball and slowly release air. We take out the ball, and the frame of the toy remains.
 When the glue is completely dry
Decorating a toy: sew or glue beads around the whole frame of the toy. It is desirable that the beads are light, so as not to burden the finished toy.
 Decorating a toy
Making the heart of a toy: in the presented version, the beads are strung in random order.
Making the core
Connecting the main frame of the toy and the core. From above you can make a loop, or simply leave the "tails".
 Decoration ball
You can hang a finished toy on the Christmas tree, decorate the ceiling or a chandelier, or hang it in the car. Here is one of the variants of the New Year's toy, which can be done in this way.Since this is done very simply, then you can fantasize endlessly. Happy New Year!

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