Custom made bar sections

metal fence mesh properimetr.ruBuy a ready-made fence is one thing, and one fence its manufacture according to its own parameters is a completely different matter. Sectional fence from rods can be ordered in any color with almost any parameters. However, it should be noted that a significant excess of the section dimensions compared to the base model may require the use of additional crossbars (bows) in the design. This, in turn, may increase the cost of construction. Therefore, in most cases, the buyer orders in standard factory sizes, specifying only the color and some other characteristics. See the assortment of metal slatted fence here.

What can I specify in the application?

Making a request for an individual order, you can specify the desired dimensions. The standard is a section with a width of 2500 mm and a height of 1730 mm or 2030 mm. You can order a fence slightly more or slightly less than these parameters. The diameter of the rod can be 3 mm, 4 mm or 5 mm.The type of metal rod coating is presented in two options: galvanized and polymer. You can also indicate the presence of stiffeners (for 3D mesh). When ordering a mesh with polymer protection, you can specify the desired color.

Custom Section Benefits

The main advantage is the possibility of obtaining a fence with the desired characteristics. In this way, not only effective protection will be created, but also an externally attractive fencing. Together with the manufacture of sections, you can order the manufacture of gates, wickets and support racks. You can also use the service delivery and installation, which saves time resources. Turnkey fence - a service for those who want to quickly get a quality fence.

Features of the installation of a twig fence

When installing, both independently and with the help of experts, it is important to act carefully without damaging the protective layers. If this happens, you need to immediately treat the site of damage with the appropriate composition. This will prevent the formation and spread of oxidative processes.

For fastening sections, we need supports - poles or racks. They are installed in the ground and concreted.Their installation must be strictly vertical. By purchasing supports together with sections, you can select or order all the products in one color. This will create a single-type design.

Sectional fence order for fencing houses, kindergartens, schools, sports fields, industrial areas and commercial areas.

In all these and other cases, the sections of the rods successfully perform the tasks and perfectly complement the territory without disturbing its design.

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