Curd rolls

Rolls from cottage cheeseis a recipe.


  1. 300 grams of cottage cheese;
  2. 1 tsp sour cream;
  3. 1 tsp honey;
  4. 1 tsp powdered sugar;
  5. 3 strawberries;
  6. a handful of prunes;
  7. banana floor;
  8. Coconut;
  9. nuts (for decoration);
  10. whipped cream (for decoration).


Divide the curd into 2 equal parts. In one, add sour cream and honey, in the other - strawberries and powdered sugar (honey, sour cream and powdered sugar took tsp with a slide). Using a blender, we will bring both mixtures to a pasty state. &Nbsp;

On the working surface, we will unfold the food film and evenly sprinkle it with pink coconut chips, top with the white curd mixture and gently distribute it over the food film. Prune cut in half and lay out on the cottage cheese mixture, stepping back from the edge as shown in the photo. Gradually lifting the cling film wrap curd roll. Wrap the cling film again and give it a smoother shape. &Nbsp;

Do the same for strawberry mix and white coconut flakes, replacing the prunes with two quarters of the cut along the banana.  

We remove the rolls for half an hour in the fridge.After they become more dense, they can be safely cut into rolls and decorate at will! I got 16 rolls for so many ingredients.

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