Cup holder

You can make bright coasters for cups in the form of small wool rugs, which are sure to be useful in the household, of the multicolored balls of wool yarn.
Stand for a cup
To make a stand, you will need: - threads for knitting white, red and yellow,- cardboard; - scissors; - a crochet hook; - a ruler; - a pencil; - PVA glue; - a pin; - a needle, - foam rubber. Work order. 1. Cut a square of 21 x 21 cm in size from cardboard. Measure 2 cm from each edge, draw another square inside the square and cut it. You will get a cardboard frame. Cut another exactly the same frame.
 Cut a square from cardboard
2. Glue the frames together. This is to ensure that the frame was quite tough. Draw horizontal lines on two opposite sides, and mark points on each line with a pencil in 0.5 cm from each other.
 Splicing Frames
3.Take foam rubber, put a cardboard frame on top, and in turn pierce all designated points with a pin.
 pierce with a pin
4. Embed a white wool thread in a needle and tie a knot at its end. This thread must be tightened between the opposite sides of the frame, threading it through the holes made. When the thread ends, it is necessary to tie a new piece of thread to its end and continue to pull the thread between the opposite sides of the frame. When the thread is stretched across the entire frame, tie the knot at the end so that it is well stretched.
5. Take a piece of red thread and tie one end to a pin. You can start weaving. It is necessary to retreat from the edge of the frame about 4 cm and thread the red thread between the stretched white thread — now above the thread, now under the thread. It is important that this order not stray.
 link to pin
6. Make 20 rows of red thread. You must make sure that the rows fit tightly to each other, for this you can straighten the threads with your fingers or a pin. Then bind to the red thread with a yellow one and start weaving with a yellow thread
 Make 20 rows
7. Make 16 rows a yellow thread.
 Make 16 rows of yellow
8. Now you need to bind the red thread to the yellow one and continue the weaving.
 tie the red thread to the yellow
9. Make 20 rows of red thread. The end of the thread is tied to the white thread on the edge of the weave.
 tie to the white thread
10. Scissors to cut the white thread holding the mat on the frame.
 Cut the scissors
11. Pair up the loose ends of the white threads between each other - this is how the fringe comes from two opposite sides, and the rug will not open. 12. On the remaining two sides, too, make a fringe. To do this, cut 32 pieces of white threads with a length of 10 cm each. 16 threads for each side.
 make a fringe
13.Using a hook, stretch the folded thread over the edge of the rug. Get a loop.
 Using a hook to stretch
14. Stretch the ends of the white thread into this loop and tighten it.
 pull an eyelet
15. So make a fringe on both sides.
 make a fringe on both sides
16. Scissors trim the fringe.
 Do it yourself cup holder
17. Spread rug-podchaschku. It is advisable to gently wash it by hand, so that the threads are laid out and arranged more evenly. Dry the mat in flattened form on a flat surface. Delivery under the bowl in the form of a small rug is ready.
 Cup holder
You can make a whole set of such bright stand-ups.

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