Crochet baby hat with bow

A children's headdress, tied with the hands of a loving mother, grandmother or sister, is a great newborn baby with a soul. It is quite easy to tie a hat with a bow for a baby and even a beginning woman's master can. The most important thing is to master the basics of crochet and follow the simple instructions of the master class. The finished hat can be worn by a baby approximately 3 to 6 months old in the fall or winter under the hood of a jacket.
Hat with a bow for baby crochet
Hat with a crochet for a baby crochet


All that is required for knitting is less than half the standard skein of yarn (you can choose any one with which it is more convenient total work), the remnants of yarn of a different color, the hook of the corresponding number and scissors.


In the description of the manufacture of the product, the following abbreviations were used: VP - air loop Sc - column without nakida CC1N - single crochet column ATP - connecting half column


To start knitting hats you need to dial 2 VP and in the second loop from the hook (the one that was dialed first) to tie 6 scions. Mark the end of the row by tying a thread marker, which you will then need to carry, ending each row. It is necessary in order not to get confused in the number of rows. Next, you need to close the row - make 1 ATP by entering the hook into the base of the very first column. So the first row is ready - everything is very simple. 2 row - 12 sc (2 sc in each loop of the 1st row), mark the end of the row with a marker thread, then 1 ATP. 3 row - starts with 1 VP, then 1 SN in the first loop of the 2nd row, then 2 SNs in the second loop of the 2nd row and so on until the end of the row, every second loop knit twice. This row will consist of 18 sc. Do not forget to move the marker and tie 1 ATP to the first loop of the 2nd row.
Hat with a bow for baby crochet
4th row - 1 VP, then 1 SBN in the first loop, 1 SBN in the second, 2 SBN in the third. So you should knit to the end of the row, resulting in 24 loops. Move marker, close row 1 of ATP.
Hat with a bow for baby crochet
5 row - 1 VP, then continue to increase, increasing the distance between them by 1 loop (i.e. tying the first 3 loops of the 4th row by 1 sc, and in every 4th - 2 sc).At the end, you should get 30 scs.
Hat with a bow for a baby crochet
6-9 series are knitted according to the same principle - the beginning of the series - 1 VP, then with an increase in increases by 1 loop. In row 6 to 2 sc knit in every fifth loop; in the 7th row - every sixth; in the 8th row - in every seventh; in the 9th row - in every eighth loop of 2 sc. At the end of the 9th row, 54 loops are obtained.
Hat with a bow for baby crochet
10-25 rows need to be knitted without increases, i.e. in each loop of the last row of 1 sc. The number of loops is always 54. Each series of EP starts, ends with ATP. A cap with a crochet for a baby crochet
A cap with a crochet for a baby crochetA cap with a crochet for a baby crochetHat with a bow for baby crochet 26-27 rows knit exactly the same as 25, only with a thread of a different color.

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