Create your own climate in the house

How to escape from the exhausting summer heat? With all the wealth of choice of household appliances designed for cooling rooms, the choice comes down to an air conditioner or a fan. Consider what is better, air conditioning or a fan?

The question is not as simple as it seems at first glance. Supporters of air conditioning are more than fans of simple air exchange, without cooling. Of course, the fan does not completely replace the air conditioner. The air conditioner can cool a large area, ionize and humidify the air, warm it. And comparing them is not entirely correct. But we have already begun. Buying a cooler The issue of buying an air conditioner is not at all so simple. And he, of course, is not limited to viewing the advertising brochure of the home appliances store and choosing the most inexpensive model, which now has a good discount. When choosing an air conditioner should take into account the square of the room, the presence of furniture, even - the number of working equipment in the room.In addition, the door of the room where the air conditioner is installed must be tightly closed to prevent the flow of warm air. There are many nuances. It is better to make the choice with the help of a consultant from a specialized store of climate equipment. After all, it is better - if the consultant deals with air conditioners, and does not sell bread makers. After the conditioner is selected, it needs to be established that it will be almost impossible to do it yourself. It is necessary to wait until the queue arrives in the service, to coordinate the installation time. Another thing is the fan. The complexity of the choice is less. Installation is much easier. Yes, and the cost of the purchase, clearly lower. Price question Air conditioning is more expensive than a fan. In addition, the fan is easier to install and more mobile than air conditioning. You can, of course, buy a mobile air conditioner, but, in addition to the fact that it is more expensive than split-systems, which are mounted stationary, it also requires a device for taking the air out through a special sleeve. Punching holes in the bearing mills for this does not contribute to savings. And the noise from mobile air conditioners is more. The fan, as a rule,can cool a smaller area, but what prevents to buy a fan in each room or transfer it to the room where it is most needed at the moment. Temperature In this respect, the air conditioner can be more harmful to health than a fan. But if it is operated correctly, then everything will be in order. But who will buy an expensive air conditioner, pay for its installation, and then adhere to the recommendation to set the temperature only 2-3 degrees lower than outside the room? That's right, there are practically none. Most want to radically lower the temperature by 10-15 degrees. At the same time actively running out to other rooms or on the balcony, where the temperature is practically the same as the outside one. A constant change of temperature in a wide range will bring nothing but cold and lumbago. A fan will not give such a big difference in temperatures. The main thing is not to sit directly under the air flow from the fan, even though you want it first. Maintenance Cleaning the fan is easier than air conditioning. You understand that one thing is just to wipe the surface with a cloth, and the other is to disassemble, clean, rinse, dry.And you need to maintain the air conditioner regularly to prevent the accumulation of harmful fungi and dust. You may have to call specialists from the service, because one of the parts of the air conditioner is outside, where there is dust, lint, leaves from trees, rain, snow and snow blocks and icicles falling from the roofs. Heating the air One of the advantages of an air conditioner is found not in the heat, but in a season when it gets cold outside, and the centralized heating has not yet been connected. Then using the air conditioner can be a little warm the air in the room. But, choosing a fan with heating function, you can safely do without air conditioning. Usually, the period between the cooling and the launch of centralized heating is not that long. And, of course, you can buy a fan with the functions of humidification and air ionization, with a timer and a temperature control sensor. Although the cost of such a fan is unlikely to be radically less than the cost of purchasing an air conditioner, and you will most likely forget about mobility as well.

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