Cooking Apple Cylinder Roll

Roll "Apple cylinder" is prepared from shortcrust pastry, which is immediately greased with filling and baked.

The following ingredients are required to make a roll:

  1. flour 300 g;
  2. eggs 2 pcs .;
  3. milk 125 ml;
  4. sugar 200 g;
  5. butter 50 g;
  6. apples 5 pcs. (100 g each);
  7. powdered sugar for dressing.

Butter must be rubbed with a portion of sugar, for this it must have a soft texture. For the preparation of dough for the specified layout should be used only 150 grams of sugar. Beat the eggs with the remaining sugar until a light frothiness is formed and add to the prepared pounded butter. All mix gently. Flour flour 2 times, and then add it to the dough. It should be poured gradually, and when the dough becomes very thick, you can begin to add water.

Fully prepared shortbread dough is very flexible and plastic, does not stick to hands, it can be rolled on the table. Rolling shortbread dough is carried out on the table using a small amount of flour, otherwise it will be tightened.This process should also take a little time, otherwise the dough will be sticky and brittle.

Apples need to be washed, cleaned from the core and grated. Mix them with a piece of sugar.

Roll out the dough into a flat layer about 1 cm thick, put the prepared apple stuffing on it and roll it up. Put it on a greased baking sheet and bake for 25-30 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius. Ready roll can be sprinkled with powdered sugar.

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