Computer Keyboard Joystick

We have already done a similar home-made product on our own, only in it we coordinated the joystick from the prefix "Dandy" with the computer hardware by means of a special program. Here we will simply simply redo the usual computer keyboard into a joystick.
What we need. Any keyboard (preferably with a USB bus for convenience), but of course working. Any joystick from any prefix, any manufacturer, even a non-working one is possible. The main thing that inside it fit another board on top.
I took here such a "fat" joystick.
I'll briefly tell you our problem, I think you will understand.
I do not know whether you know or not that the keyboard and joystick work in a similar way. Namely, in each of these devices, the principle of command encryption is applied. This is done in order to be able to output as little wires as possible from the device.For example, if for each button from the keyboard to output at least one wire, it will turn out already very much. And, therefore, it was decided to encrypt them and translate them into pulses.
In the keyboard, unlike the joystick, the principle of cross-switching the buttons is applied, that is, to the keyboard board from the buttons goes somewhere around a dozen, and already from the 4 or 5, depending on the device interface.
Let's proceed to action. We pull out the board from the joystick and use a screwdriver to cut all the contacts from the native chip.
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Next, solder to each contact for a pair of wires. And we solder these pairs to the board from a computer keyboard. &Nbsp;
Good luck!

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