A complex wedding card

Wedding is an important event in life for the newlyweds themselves, as well as for their close environment. On this responsible and long-awaited day, the responsibility lies absolutely on everyone: The newlyweds carefully select the outfit, choose the right place for the celebration, order transport, music, choose the rings. Close people, parents, girlfriends and comrades, in turn, fuss and pick up gifts for the heroes of the occasion. Basically, at our weddings, as this procedure takes place, they donate either household appliances, bedding, souvenirs, but mostly, many prefer to congratulate the newlyweds with a cash present, and they themselves will get for themselves what they consider necessary for their life together. But the most important thing at the wedding is verbal congratulations with sincere wishes, as well as a beautiful memorable greeting card. You can easily buy an envelope or a postcard, but, this is somehow trivially simple, but to make a beautiful handmade wedding card will already be verynice and will leave you the most sincere impression. Just this master class, we will learn the lesson of making a wedding card of complex shape. It will be a folding postcard, which neatly turns into a regular postcard. We need such items for MK: • A4 sheet of watercolor paper; • • Tetrad sheet in a check box for designing a scheme; • Wedding and romantic scrapbook, three different sheets; • Punching “On the Wedding Day" in watercolor with burgundy and black ink; • Pictures about the wedding, only five;
• Openwork angular and curb punchers; • Different flowers in both color and shape; • • Hollow pearl heart of felling; • Stamp acrylic wedding rings, a set of wedding stamps with different elements, black ink; • Ribbon of white organza and white satin in hearts; • Pink butterfly from cutting; • Half beads round and heart-shaped in white;• Suspension of two hearts; • Additional tools for work: frost, stationery knife, sharp scissors, simple pencil, eraser, lighter, glue gun.

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